8 useful websites to begin with blogging

I am quite sure many of you have a passion for writing isn’t it. you are here to know about useful websites to begin with blogging. Many of you are extremely talented in writing and quite passionate about it. Also some of you may not be that good but you can learn by writing more and on a regular basis. Do you know you can even earn a good amount of money by writing . Yes you get it write, you can start blogging and convert it as a means of income.  Now there are many blogging websites present that provides you with enough opportunity to write, learn and earn through them. I will tell you about few of such blog websites where you can start your blogging journey. All these websites are free to use and you can go for the right tools to start it right.

8 useful websites to begin with blogging


This could be a great option for you to begin your blogging.  This  website allows you to blog for free. It also offers a lot of customizations along with easy to access tools. You get to learn a lot while using this website. If you own any small business, writing content for it in this site is a great idea. After all having a strong blogging strategy is very crucial for every business out there.

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This is a free software that offers a lot of features for bloggers. It has many pre-designed templates and extensions that are very useful for the users. This is one of the very reliable blogging sites and provides various tools to the user. For using this you need a proper domain and a host.

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This blog website is the best choice for personal and lifestyle blogs. It is very easy and convenient to begin here. The user just needs to sign up and they can start posting right away. In case you begin with personal blogging, just be consistent in your writing. You can also add some interesting templates in the writing to make it user-friendly.

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This is again a great free choice for personal blogs with basic features. The biggest advantage that this site provides is that it is very easy to monetize with google. Google adsense can easily be applied for in this platform as compared to other platforms.

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This blog websites is a great tool that can be used to turn the audience into a business with the appropriate content. This website is completely free to use. It provides many basic features for the enhancement of writing. The website requires hosting to host your blog.

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This platform is great for bloggers as it exposes the content to a large audience. If the content is well delivered and marks the standards then the content reaches much more than other sites. This platform already has 60 million readers per month. This number is increasing and hence a great opportunity for showcasing your talent to a larger audience.

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This blog websites provides great opportunity if you want to blog professionally for your business. Also you can use their builder to exhibit your products to the audience.

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This can be called as the master of all the blog websites. WordPress provides with a lot of basic and in-built facilities that makes it very much easier and convinient to work on. It needs hosting and some other initial work to set it up properly. But once you set it up you can begin with your blogging journey easily. They provide a large variety of features for the users. It is free of cost and a very advanced platform for blogging. Individuals who seriously want to begin their journey in blogging can eventually shift to this place and start on it.

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