Am I sad or depressed?

Do you feel sad without any specific reasons? You might be facing extreme sadness and often term it as depression. Depression is a state when you are not merely sad but it is often more than it. You feel exhausted, irritated, and do not feel like doing any work. Such states of mood swings can occur as an outcome of any sad event or out of nowhere. Such periods of depression may last for few hours, few months or even for a longer time. So, are you sad or depressed?

I will try to make you understand few points with the help of which you can get an idea whether you are just sad or is it clinical depression.

Am I sad or depressed?

How to know whether you are sad or depressed?

Suppose you had a bad day at work or cut off with any friend. These are ample reasons for you to be sad or depressed. This is pretty normal and you can be sad and unhappy. But if this sadness turns to extreme sadness and you start to remain sad every single day then it might result in depression. If you cannot get over these events over the period of time it can lead to serious depression. Not only this sometimes hormonal changes or even physical changes can affect your mood. Some medical treatments such as thyroid , pcod, pcos can have serious effects on your moods often resulting i mood swings. So it would be better if you consult your physician when you are facing such kind of problems .

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is a medical condition or more precisely a response to any normal grief. Usually a person suffering from depression remains irritated most of the times. They start having changes in their interests that is they do not enjoy what they used to enjoy previously. One of the primary symptoms is change in sleeping pattern, they either sleep too much or sleep very little. Also changes in their appetite can be noticed, eating too much or nothing at all. In case of student there is a significant decrease in their concentration levels. There marks and grades go down drastically. They tend to have significantly low energy, agitation or severe panic attacks.

How to overcome such depressing situations?

Now that you have found out that you are suffering from depression first thing you need to don is consult a psychiatrist. Apart from this there are some coping methods which can be useful for you during this times. You can try to practice these coping skills on a daily basis. It is very important to understand that you probably won’t be motivated to do these initially. Even you will feel annoying and irritated till halfway. All these below mentioned skills are scientifically researched and frequently recommended.

1.Try to find goals which you can accomplish

One of the most popular reason of depression is because of unfulfillment of goals. So its extremely important for you to to set workable and realistic goals that you can accomplish. it will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence that you are able to complete the task. Do not set unrealistic goals or something that you cannot control. Try to set manageable goals so that once you complete it can give you a sense of accomplishment.

Find your Goal

2. Make time for activities that give you pleasure

Try to involve yourself in activities that you find pleasure in doing. This may be anything like any leisure activity such as dancing, singing, or any other activities. You should try to include such activities in your daily routine. Apart from practicing and involving in such pleasurable activities, practice the art of gratitude. This is a positive way of coping up with depression. by practicing gratitude you will develop a habit of noticing what went well in your life and automatically you will be cut off from negative thoughts.

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3. Practice meditation

If we can gain a control over our minds, our thoughts and overthinking then we can easily cope up from depression. We all often tend to overthink and create problems for us which may never ever happen. Meditation on a regular basis can dramatically help in uplifting your mood. Meditation cools and calms your mind, rejuvenates your soul and makes you patient. It helps you to have a control on yourself and helps you inculcate positivity.

often term it as depression

4.Sleep well

It is important to keep a balance between not too much and too much of sleep. Staying up till late nights and then sleeping more during the day time is a primary symptom of developing depression. Also try not to solve your doubts relating to any subjects late at night when your brain is half asleep.


5.Stay in the present

The practice of staying in present in known as mindfulness. During any activity try not to affect your head by self-judgements. You may not be able to block these self- judgments, and keep on noticing it and bring yourself gently back to the present moment. Research shows that people with higher self-compassion also have higher self-worth and confidence.

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I think, now you understand, whether you are sad or depressed.

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