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Hello Content Writer,

Well I am pretty sure while you go through the articles, blogs and all other contents available on Google you might feel how do the writers write so much of passion and beautifully, how do they express and cover all possible things within few words. Here I am going to take you through 6 ways so you become a better freelance content writer.

how to become a content writer

  • Learn SEO as a Content writer

A content writer in nothing if he doesn’t learn how to spread his content to as many people as possible. For this he needs to be higher in the list or rank, when someone searches a relevant content.
SEO (search engine optimization) is a tool can help you rank your content on different search engines.

It is basically telling Google or any other search engine that your content exists and is relevant for whatever the user is searching for. This should be your first step towards becoming a better content writer.


  • Write a lot of contents

As it is said practice makes a man perfect, to be perfect in writing you need to write as many as you can. As you write more and more your skills will get sharper and better. You should make it a point to practice writing regularly by taking out random topics, it can be anything of your choice. I would suggest you to start with some easy topics and then gradually move on to topics which are idea oriented and content oriented. The more you write the easier it will become.

  • Write down all the content ideas once at a time

Ideas can occur to us anytime and anywhere. While we visit a new place or have a new food or discover anything new, some sort of ideas strike our mind. At that very moment try to write down all those points. Write it in your phone’s notepad or carry a small notebook with you. Having these ideas jotted down somewhere helps you directly in your writing.

  • Fix a specific time as the content writer

Find a particular time of the day when daily you can sit down without any kind of  distraction or disturbance. Make it a ritual. Be it during the mornings or evenings, whatever suits you make it a must to do thing every single day. It will surely help you get better.

  • Experiment with your ways of writing

Always look for new things and new works which are available on the internet. Gather all the possible knowledge from them. Try to inculcate them in your own writing styles. Experiment with your style of writing, choices of words, topics and details. Look for what works and what doesn’t.

  • Read a lot

It is very important for a writer to read. The more you read the more exposure you get to strong vocabulary and perspectives.  While reading other write-ups you often tend to find out the probable points where you went wrong. Also read the articles which are badly written so that while you write your own. You don’t make the same mistakes.

I hope you really liked this article and are surely thinking to be a good content writer.

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