Create an achievable new year resolution for 2022

Hello readers, Trying to make a new year resolution?

I am sure you all must be planning an umpteen number of resolutions for the year 2022, isn’t it? You all must have jotted down all that changes you want to make in your lifestyle or habits.

But there are some mistakes you will be doing without even knowing.

There may be some things you will miss while making a resolution for yourself.

Here is an Article By Asmita on How to properly create a resolution for the year 2022. She will be talking about 5 mistakes that you should avoid while making a Resolution for the new year.

A resolution is a set of To-do list that contains the habit or actions that you want to implement on yourself. Since it is a new year everyone must be creating one for themselves.

But most of the time your efforts and motivations go in vain even after creating the best resolution for yourself.

So here are 5 Mistakes you should be avoiding while creating a new year resolution for yourself.


  • Don’t make very long lists of new year resolution-


Almost all of us tend to make too many of to-dos and end up doing absolutely nothing. It’s very important to keep our resolutions realistic and limited. We can at least achieve them and feel like yes we did it. It shouldn’t be like this way that we planned too many things and did nothing and later on start repenting. this must be the first step for the resolution for this new year.

  • Don’t be fickle-minded on your goals or resolutions-


Setting goal is a skill. Don’t be airy-fairy regarding your goals. Resolutions should be specific so that you can reach the respective target and settle down with all the things planned properly. If it is a goal that is too big to achieve, try to crack it into small chunks and schedule a target of checkpoint at the quarters of the year.

  • Think about the time required-


keep a specific amount of time for the goals to be achieved. Allot specific time periods for each of your goals to be completed. And try to conclude it within that time frame and try not to exceed it too much. You know how much time you take to do a certain work so accordingly allot that much time or let’s say a little more so that you can accomplish your part fruitfully.

  • Keep realistic and achievable new year resolution-


As I said earlier please keep goals that are realistic and achievable. Don’t shoot for the moon and any planetary objects. In today’s world where we are told that we can achieve our wildest of dreams if we just want them are enough, then let me tell you it is a bit difficult. So it is better that initially we are done with those resolutions which seems to achievable. I am not trying to demoralize you or something but just asking at first to keep your aim achievable so that once you get this you gain a confidence which boosts your further goal planning. In reality missed targets leaves us all highly unmotivated.

  • Change your habits-

As you are making your resolutions, making a firm determination for achieving it, allocating much time period to it. It is very important for you to change your daily habits along with it. You need to inculcate changes which would be beneficial for achieving your goals. So make a schedule, try to follow it and you will be well on a way to sticking to your habits.

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