Read this before you help someone in depression and Anxiety

I am Asmita, Hope you are well. But if your are here, there seems to be a problem and may be there is someone in depression or someone with anxiety.

We know depression and anxiety can not be taken lightly and can have bad consequences.

5 suggestions to help someone in depression and Anxiety

Well, if you are girl, I am quite sure you all have that friend who is exactly like Rachel ,always messing up things in their life and  boys you too must be having a Joey or Chandler in your lives . These friends over the period if time become our family. They are literally our partners in everything  laughing, gossips , pranks, punishments in school, late submission of homework, bunking classes and what not.

but We all go through rough patches in our lives .

When it is our friends its not always easy to know how to help them. There arises a lot of questions in our mind like how do we help a friend with depression or Anxiety? How to comfort a friend during their tough times? How to support a friend going through a hard time?


So, Here are my five suggestions, which you can keep in your mind that can help you in helping someone with anxiety.


  • Listen with empathy


If Someone is going through depression, The most easy thing you can do is to listen to their issues. Choose a time when neither of you have any other commitments, sit with them somewhere and try to talk to them. Don’t interrupt them. Listen to their problems, try to understanding their situations and the reason behind the person fighting depression and Anxiety.

Do not put up a sympathetic expression on your face. This can actually make it difficult for them to express things. By listening to them you are actually letting them know that you are there for them. After listening to them do not pass any judgmental comments.

They are already in a state of distress and you are trying to support them .Let them guide the conversation. However you can ask questions so that it feels to them that you are really trying to support them . Let them know you are there to have a chat whenever they want to.

●Look out for them


Whenever any friend is going through any rough patch they mostly tend to isolated themselves. This is very dangerous as it can lead to severe depression and might take a backstage in terms of both physical and mental health.

So whenever you are free always look out for them, try to keep them involved in some way or the other so that for at least few seconds they can forget about their hard times and the reason they are anxious. If you are free, ring them up or leave a message.You can also pop around their house bring them their favorite food. You are just trying to let them know that you are available to chat.

They may not respond initially so it’s important for you to keep trying. Whenever you feel that your friend has become withdrawn and stopped interacting then it’s very crucial to let them know they are not alone. Somebody is there to care for them.

  • encourage to ask help from parents


many a times your friends may not let their parents know about the hardships they are facing. So it’s very important to keep the parents informed about their child and not to take depression very lightly.

Try to encourage them to have a one to one chat with their parents, ask them to share their difficulties and what is causing the anxiety, with parents. Always tell them that the parents would surely find a way out for them.

  • Recommend coping up strategies


while dealing with a friend who is going through anxiety or depression, it is very important to improve our head space also. We need to plan very strategically on how to deal with them. Start by asking them what do they want, how do they want to come out of the situation.

Ask them to take practical steps and let them know you are going support them in their decisions. Just keep a check on how are they really coping up with the situation and encourage them in this.

  • Keep an eye on them


If in any way you suspect that your friend who is having a tough time and is indulge in any kind of gambling, abuse, drinking or experiencing any kind of mental trauma you should immediately get to talk with them.

Try to get informed about the relevant treatment options that can help you to understand better what they are really going through. You can extend support unconditionally and understand them. Ask them to consult a psychiatrist and always lend your support to them.

Sometimes lending your ears and unconditional support during having a difficult situation can make a lot of differences and it can help them cope up with their rough patches disgraceful.

If any of these suggestions seems useful to you, do share your experience.

Also, Share your story of how you helped your friend of someone in fighting depression or anxiety, in comments and add some value in helping our community in this journey of  better mental health.

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