The art of doing things we find difficult.

Hello readers, Let’s talk about doing things we find difficult.

Are you finding something to be difficult? Is there some work that is bothering you?


Don’t you all think that our lives would be great if we could do all that our hearts want us to do each and every moment of the day! Sadly it never happens. Now here comes the question of what to do when there comes a situation when we don’t want to do an task but we have to do it. You can easily run away and find some way or the other to distract yourself from doing this. But how long will you do this. This is not the solution. I am here for suggesting you some points you can ponder upon and it would certainly help you to take yourself out of such situations.

  • Let go of your fear

This is generally the main and important factor that’s stopping us from doing things we find difficult. Your fear of failure is the main obstacle that you have to overcome. Not only this you often have inferiority complex about any particular matter and it causes a dip in your confidence level. You are afraid of yourself not looking up to mark, you feel discomfort. You are required to sit back and think about all your fears that stops you and should try to look for ways that let you deal with them efficiently and comfortably.


  • Think why you should do this

whenever you feel like not doing things you find difficult. Think a minute about why you need to do that. Don’t let anything distract you. Think about all the points which you feel should do, not because someone else wants you to do it or because of any pressure. Try to find positive side of everything. Associate each and every step with something good. This practice will definitely prove to be beneficial for your mental as well as physical well-being.


  • Don’t always look for results

we so-often found ourselves indulged in the outcomes that we don’t give much attention to the processes. We don’t enjoy them and often fear the failure. Here I would suggest you that ditch all your fears regarding the failure of your outcomes as you don’t even know what’s going to happen, it’s all in the future. Enjoy the present and take leap of faith whenever you feel it’s necessary. You should try to focus on your goals and intentions, only that’s what is more important and nothing else.

  • Express Gratitude

Everyday, whether you are happy or sad, or whatsoever state you would be make it a point to express Gratitude. There are a lot of things around you that you once prayed for and now you have them. There are many ways you can do this, you can sit down and meditate while expressing your gratification, you can make a diary if gratification and write down in it each day or even you can thank and express for the opportunity to do some work which is good for the society, learn from it to get better and be attentive and compassionate as you do it.

  • Embrace the hardships

whenever you do something difficult there arises a lot of hardships and obstacles. It’s not very easy and you may feel whether you can do it or not. You might be refrained by these obstacles. But then you should always remember that life is not a bed full of roses. Sometimes you feel it sucks and its completely fine. You should be happy that you are getting to embrace life with all its tastes bitter as well as sweet otherwise it would have been boring and monotonous. So face the hardships with a smile on your face and get going.

A lot of times it can happen that you don’t even know, what is your passion and what is the purpose of your life.

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