The Dopamine detox || Does this actually work?

Did you know, you can go through the dopamine detox process?

Well I am pretty sure there was one or more subjects during your school days which you hated but you still somehow forced yourself to study it. For the adults when at times you don’t like the meetings at your office and sit being all mindless. Our brain is smart enough to decode all these activities which we are not enjoying but still we have to do. Hence it becomes hard for us to get going and remain motivated. There is a trick to turn these not-so-fun activities into enjoyable ones. That is by tricking dopamine levels in your body.

What is dopamine?


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain that acts as chemical messenger. It is generally released when we do the activity that brings us pleasure.  The more we anticipate, the more amount of dopamine gets released. Therefore it results in the brain being more attentive in such activities.


How to reset dopamine levels, the dopamine detox?


Here are four ways to go through, that would provide you with all the knowledge regarding resetting dopamine levels or the dopamine detoxification:

  • Once our brain become dependent on the dopamine it requires more and more levels of dopamine and this makes normal tasks difficult to complete.  By now you got to that only way to really find pleasure in something is when the brain sees dopamine coming out from the activity.
  • Most common way of avoiding this is Dopamine detox. The simple rule is to avoid engaging in any activity that stimulates the brain.
  • The idea is to make the brain devoid of any pleasurable activity so that at the end even a boring activity ends up being fun and happening. In this way the brain starts to love it.
  • There’s also an alternative that makes use dopamine as the reward for a tough job which you have done. Engage yourself in some difficult task and upon accomplishing it reward yourself with some small activity doing what you love.


Does this actually work?


Dopamine detox in real sense is impossible because the brain continues to produce dopamine all the time.  Dopamine detox are not just a trend but can cancel off all the effects and time that we spend on the digital platform. Too much of digital indulgence affects our mental and well as physical well-being. Screens and gadgets are the most common examples that triggers dopamine.  The trick is to follow a simple resting protocol, practice concentration and concentrate doing more positive and meaningful activities that can level up dopamine naturally. Some activities like catching a sound sleep, dancing, gardening without being addictive to it. Regular dopamine fasts can help increasing productivity levels, reduce distractions and make you healthy.

Does a dopamine detox have benefits?

As said earlier, a complete and total detox from naturally-occurring dopamine is not possible.

That said, the decision to unplug and detach from certain impulsive behaviors may have some sort of health benefits, both in terms of physical and mental well being.

Dopamine can act as a obstacle for few people from achieving their goals.

This causes frequent repetitions of all those activities that make us feel good.

We end up browsing through internet and social media or binge-watching series and TV shows.

These unnecessary compulsive behaviors distract us from being more productive and focus on our health goals.

In short, a dopamine detox is technically impossible and there is no any immediate evidence of it as such. However,  if we devoid ourselves of certain activities such as hours of scrolling the social media sites and reducing our screen time presence, we may be able to concentrate more on our goals and other activities, which would be of great benefit to us.

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