How to find happiness, always remain happy !

How to find happiness ?

How to find happiness, always remain happy !

Well, happiness is not something that you can force to happen it is something that occurs naturally , something that you feel right from the core of your heart . So is there any answer to, “How to find happiness”

You must be thinking,  how to know that you are genuinely happy ? How to find happiness?Or, how to find happiness when you are alone? How to find happiness and joy in your life?

These questions arise due to some reasons. I will deal with every aspect in detail taking you to the journey of always remaining happy with me.

There are many ways that can keep you pumped up and charged up with happiness! But here are some of my points to keep one Happy.

  • Accept your flaws

Being human beings, The perfection is a myth for us and we all have some flaws.

Most of the time we try to hide it or be insecure about it and never try to accept the fact that it is absolutely normal to accept it and let it be the part of our smile.

Insecurities build a sense of under-achievement leading to some depressing effects and accepting that our flaws also add a Unique factor to our personality and is not a matter to hide

It will pull a sense of achievement and and a never-lasting Happy experience.

  • Follow your Passion

The main reason of us not being happy is the way of life that we choose.

passion is the way of life that makes you feel alive.

It always keeps us motivated and shapes the purpose of our life, we generally don’t know what is our passion.

We keep going with this crowd eventually getting into the rat-trap, falling for this materialistic world and the society norms.

If you can’t figure out what is your passion : Click here

●Stay in the present

Most of the time we tend to be either in the past or the future and we end up finding ourselves in a trouble, fear or Sad situation.

The best way you can come over this part is by constantly being in the present and thinking about absolute nothing calming your mind and preparing it be happy always and forever.

Meditation can be a good way to get yourself on the track of being in the present and find the immense happiness.

●Never sacrifice your happiness to satisfy others perspective

This is something extremely important when it comes to spiritual happiness. You should never compromise on anything that isn’t from your heart.

You need to chalk out your beliefs and priorities. So anything that doesn’t seem to go with it or belief or perspective or in any way demean your thoughts, just leave it .

Respect your preferences ,your priorities, your dreams more that respecting peoples thoughts.

Even if it seems to the world very unrealistic, but you know what your heart needs.

The society will however judge you irrespective of whatever you do, wherever you are in your life .

The period when you are not successful they will continuously poke you about your weaknesses,  possibilities of failure and what not .

The moment you achieve your dreams they’ll start again with their gauging .

So irrespective of whoever judges you and whatever they say about your way of life, you have got one.

Use it to the fullest to find the happiness.

  • Surround yourself with people who value you

Surrounding yourself with people who value your presence will make you feel worth and alive.

Most of the time we ignore the toxicity growing among us and sometimes we also tend be habitual to those toxicity that generates a transitional happiness within you.

But we need to be with people who accept you for whatever flaws you have and without any hesitation.

Building healthy relationships is also one of then factors to be always happy.

Now let’s talk about little things that bring happiness out of no-where.

  • Reward yourself with me time

Make sure to spare at least a chunk of separate time specially for you from your daily routine, so that you spend enough time with yourself .

At the end of the day you should be able to connect to your inner self.

Now this is something really important and we often miss out in these due to our hectic schedules in day-to-day life.
If you can feel yourself then you can feel people around you.
Why am I stressing on spending time alone with yourself !

This is because it is very important for you to remain content, satisfied and happy from inside.
It is very important for you love spending sometime alone everyday doing something that gives you joy or immense pleasure.
It can be anything any leisure activity painting ,cooking etc. As you do these you will somewhere at the corner of your heart have a feeling of satisfaction contentment, joy and have a feeling if inner satisfaction . And this is when you are happy, genuinely happy from core of your heart.

  • Help people in need

Favor creates an inner peace and the satisfaction we look into other things to be happy.

Helping in need is something which is extraordinary in its own way and we feel the rise in the motivation and self belief turning the mixture of all these things into Happiness and it pushes you closer in this journey of finding joy.

After reading this article, If you still don’t figure out a way to be happy or any sense of understanding, we strongly recommend you to see a psychiatrist.

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