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How to find my Passion,Test and Toolkit

Hello Explorer! The reason why you landed on this article is because you wanted to know How to find your passion, or may be there are a lot of questions hitting your mind and all of them are related to Discovery of your passion.

what are the ways that you can use to find what is your passion.

There are a lot of articles on finding your own passion, but this one is not an article.

It is a toolkit that will eventually discover your passion and you don’t need to even dig deep into your mind and try and explore new careers or find things that make you happy.

It will be a simple and easy process.

Through the whole process I will cover these important topics, so stick with me till the end.

  • what is Passion?
  • why should we find our passion?
  • The easiest way to discover your passion?

At first let’s understand

what is Passion?

what is Passion

The passion is a lifestyle or the way of life that fulfills your purpose of your life and eventually satisfies your urge of happiness.

In other words life is kind of boring and without any purpose.

Passion is the deed that makes you feel alive.

In simple words, if you feel empty and demotivated pursuing your career path then most probably you are not pursuing your passion, as Passion never feels like a career or a source of your income.

The question then comes what is the Purpose of my life, For this you can click on Purpose of my life and read a separate article on this.

Now lets Come to the next part which is,

Why should we find your passion?

Like really why should we find our passion?

Well, what I believe is that everyone and everything in this universe is happening because of a reason and there is a purpose behind every manifestation.

You also have some goals and purposes in your life.

The end goal being free from the materialistic world even if you don’t want to, I mean everyone is having only one life and is going to end this life journey some day.

So why not living in freedom.

That is the reason why you should find your passion is the freedom that you will feel while pursuing your passion.

It will not feel like you have a job or a career, it will be a way of life and the happiness is the freebie that comes without any reason

The best part is you never need motivation to go for it.

Here is a Quote by me:

If you ever need motivation to pursue your passion, it wasn’t your passion.

But hey!

How to find my passion?

The most difficult part is “How to find your Passion?”

So Here, I will be Sharing with you a Toolkit that will find your passion accurately in the easiest way possible.

In this Section there are there steps that you need to follow, the steps are:

  1. Finding your personality type.
  2. Set of Career that suits you the best and which one feels you happiest?
  3. The First step toward freedom and Happiness.

According to Psychological experts, there are only 16 Personality types and you belong to only one of them,

the 16 personality types and those are divided into four categories mainly:


  • Architect- The imaginative and strategic thinker
  • Logician- Innovative inventors with an unquenchable thirst of knowledge
  • Commander- Bold imaginative and strong willed leaders
  • Debater- Smart and curious thinker


  • Advocate– Quite and mystical yet very inspiring
  • Mediator- Poetic, kind and altruistic people
  • Protagonist- Charismatic and inspiring leaders
  • Campaigner- Enthusiastic, creative and sociable spirit


  • Logistician- Practical and fact minded individuals
  • Defenders- Very dedicated and warm protectors
  • Executive- Excellent administrators
  • Consul- Extraordinary, caring Social and popular people


  • Virtuoso- Bold and practical experimenters
  • Adventurer- Flexible and charming artist
  • Entrepreneur- Smart energetic and very perceptive people
  • Entertainer- Spontaneous energetic and enthusiastic people

These are the total sixteen Personality types. you will belong in one of them.

So How can we find our personality type?

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Coming to the personality part,

To find your personality:

Just go to the link below and answer simple questions related to your behavior and life, and come back with a personality type to choose from the Sets of some careers paths and choose your own passion.

To take the test Click here

Now, Since you have chosen your Personality type and is ready with Your own personality type with you.

There are a lot of Articles that will give you a list of careers paths that you can follow for your personality type and will find happiness in those way of life.

Here is one link in which you can check your personality respective career sets, you just have to find your personality type, read those career perspectives and feel the way you will find yourself in it.
Which one gives you more happiness and pleasure is the one for you.

The link of that Article is : Click here

Now, Since you know what is your passion and what is the easiest way to find yours.

You can share this to someone in need and be a super hero in this journey of finding your happiness!

The Next steps are the easiest of all. It is the way of living you are going to carry for the rest of your life and will have a purpose in your life .

Now you just have to explore different Educational sites or Youtube videos to get started with it.

Hope you liked the whole process, If there are any questions for me, Kindly leave it in the comment box.

will wait for you feedback and comments!

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