7 effective ways to fix a Toxic relationship

Hello readers, There is always a line between a healthy and unhealthy relationship which can sometimes get crossed impulsively without even being noticed. Such relationships are known as toxic relationships. It can often leave you feeling sad, depressed and unsatisfied. So it is better either to end such relationships. How do you recognize a toxic relationship ? How can you come out of a toxic relationships? Here, I will take you through 7 signs in which you can understand and try to fix a toxic relationship with your loved ones.

how to identify a toxic relationship


1. Lack of trust (seed of Toxic relationship) –

You expect your partner to be someone to trust on, someone to rely on. He/she should be able to have you in corner. If all these things are not there that means there is lack of trust between both of you. You have to trust your partner with their actions, their words their way of living their life. You should not try to dictate over them or burden them with your views and visions. Let them be their own self and try not to have trust issues.

2.Be compassionate towards each other-

You should never hold your partner responsible for all the problems that you have in your life. If you ever feel like that or have any kind of thoughts hovering in your mind then you should refrain from doing so. It would be better if you face your own problems by yourself. Always try to be compassionate with each other. Never let these daily life problems affect your relationship with one another.

3.Don’t indulge in blame game-

You will be always a step forward in your relationship if your keep away from blame games. Instead if both of you focus on understanding each other’s problem it work as a cherry on the cake for your relationship. Try to learn more about one another and embrace each other’s faults. This will surely be a beneficial factor for your relationship.

4.Invest in yourselves-

Both of you and your partner should possess a willingness to invest a few time in mending the relationship in a healthier way. It would be better if both of you can regularly set aside a specific time which you can solely devote for nurturing your relationship. When you try to mend a broken relationship you once again get to know each other closely. Also you it gives you a good assessment as to why you feel for each other.

5.Leave the past in the past-

One very important aspect that you should not do is revisiting the past again and again. However while you mend your relationship it is bound to take you through all the past events. But you need to make sure that you resist the references of negative episodes that happened. Try to free all yourselves from all the past baggage and focus on the present and future.

6.Get a counselling session after ending a toxic relationship-

A counselling session is always a good idea for mending your broken relationship. Sometimes an expert’s idea can do wonders and help in mending the relationship in a much healthier way. It can give your relationship a new direction and lot more compassion and understanding for one another.

7.Always communicate to end or fix a toxic relationship-

Communication a very important for a relationship to be smooth. Never ever stop communicating for however serious may be the issue. It is because once you stop talking to one another there remains very little chances of reconcilation. all relationships go through ups and downs but exchanging words with each other helps in building it stronger. So it is important that you both adopt a healthy communication style and always clear the air out in any case of misunderstanding.

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