How do you make decisions in life!

Hey confused human! Do you know, how to make decisions in life?

Glad you are here, stuck in making decision? Asmita is here to help you! we will see, how to make decisions in life?

I am quite sure in each and every step of your lives you all have to face one or the other issues that tests us. This forces us to think of some actions that are beneficial for us as well as it is productive. Yes you get it right , these are decisions . During the course of our lives the main make or break factors are decisions we take regarding our lives. Now there may arise some points where you are almost clueless about the following thing- how to make right decisions?Or how to make good decisions? How to make better decisions? How to make hard decisions in life? In this article I’ll try my best to cover up most of these issues and suggest you some very pivotal factors about the make or break factors of our lives:-

How do you make decisions in life!

  • Don’t be afraid of the outcomes

the most important part that drags us back every time we try to make decisions in life is its future i.e. the consequences. We always imagine whether we will be able to bear the consequences of our decisions. How will we manage to deal with it emotionally. And therefore we often go forward with the option that we feel will be able to handle gracefully. This forecasting is well off in theory and the main issue is that we are not at all good in this forecast. We generally tend to exaggerate the impact of good and bad decisions and end up either being not satisfied or less pleased by our actions. So it would be better if we go forward instinctively and stop exaggerating the outcomes. Rather try to be ready to face any challenges that comes along with the outcomes

  • Follow your instincts

we often think that to make good decisions we need to explore all the possible pros and cons of the particular matter. But at times it is better or even best to go with an instinctive approach. The science of intuition is quite an intriguing matter. Intuitive decisions are mostly based on previous experiences along with a quantitative aspect attached to it. So whenever we tend to make quick decisions we often slow down, go through a quick journey of the previous thoughts and ideas. That is we get a lot of clarity and feel confident on a decision that perhaps is not straight- thinking.

  • Be in charge of your emotions

It often appears that emotional factors are our primary rivals of decision-making process. But they are actually an integral part .Whenever we make up our mind about something that’s when the emotional corner of the brain is active. Studies show that this part of the brain got crippled by indecisiveness and usability to take most basic choices. But the unfortunate part of emotions is that if we take any decisions under its influence it can severely harm the outcomes. One of the most common examples is anger. If we take any decisions out of anger there is a high chance of the outcomes to be risk prone and unsuited for us. All our emotions affect our thinking and decision-making process so it is better to let them off and not be under their influence while taking any important decisions.

  • Gather knowledge

you may often find yourself in situations which are very common and has been faced by many people. But for you it would be completely new and you need to take certain decisions to get out of the tricky situations. So having prior knowledge about how to deal with the situation. What decisions to be made would be of great help to you. Talk with people who have faced it earlier, take suggestions from them about what to do, what not to do, what kind of decisions to be made.Their experience can be of to you. You could easily gather knowledge about the pros and cons and easily make the decision making process much easier for yourself.

  • Rethink about the decisions

Many a times it happens that we take instantly decide upon something when it is not necessarily of much importance. It is very much important for all of us to rethink about any decision. We should not be in haste. Like for an instance you were in a mall when you saw a dress. You were absolutely in awe of it. But you have some works to be done which are of grave importance and requires finances. At this point of time I feel you should take the step back from the dress and go and fulfill other commitments.

Things which are of genuine needs must be done first. After all your commitments are done. If you are lucky enough to be left with money then it would be a cherry on cake for you. You can of course go back and buy the dress. However if you are left with nothing then you wait for few days. Maybe until the next month and then buy the dress for yourself. Many a times you will find that after waiting for few days. It will appear to you that you can do without buying that dress. Meaning if you rethink your decisions and make a slight delay in them instead of taking instantly. It may save you from bad investment and therefore halt your regrets.


I would conclude by saying that we should be extremely diligent towards your decision making process and make sure to avoid potential mishaps. However each time you may not be precise in this process. But you must acquire a knowledge of  all the portions where you went wrong and analyze it solemnly. The lessons you get from your errors teach you a lifetime lessons which nobody or nothing can teach you.

If you liked the suggestions, make sure to leave a comment. Also tell us about a decision you took in life that completely changed the way you are today.

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