How to prepare for any exams in one month

It’s the mid of January and final exams are just a month away. I am sure many of you are burdened with the weight of exam preparation. No matter how much you have studied throughout the year but these last few days you undergo a lot of pressure. Sleepless nights, hectic schedules, notes take up most of your days time these days. Here I will try to give to certain tips so that you can prepare yourself for your upcoming exams in  just one month in a stress-free way.

How to prepare for any exams in one month

  • Time management-

Time management plays an important role in these last few days of exam preparation. Its extremely important for you manage your time like a pro. You need to prepare a routine and try to abide by it strictly. Allot required amount of time to each work and do it within that time frame. Also apart from studies you should not forget to include self care and break in your routine. Also set realistic time periods so that you  can actually accomplish each task in time. If needed add five ten minutes extra and if you complete beforehand its a plus benefit.

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  • Prepare revision notes-

Since you all have a vast syllabus of all the subjects it becomes very difficult to revise all the topics before exam. So it would be better if you make notes of all the important points. This would allow you get a overview at the last moment without any hassles. Make brief notes and if needed you can use highlighters also so that you remember the important points at last.


  • Solve previous year questions-

During the last few days of your exam make sure to practice enough of previous year’s questions. This allows you to gain a confidence about being able to do the questions.  Also you get to know about the exam format, types of questions, number of questions in each group and the marks they contain. While practicing sample papers make sure to set a lesser time limit so that you complete the paper beforehand in the main exam and have enough time to revise it.


  • Cut down on social media-

Always remember the fact that social media is not going anywhere but once your exams are gone they are gone forever. So cut down on your social media presence and instead use that time for revision. Its very important to keep away from all sorts of distraction during this time. Try to keep away from electronic gadgets or do not use mobile phones .



  • Take care of your health-

It is very important to take care of your health as if you fall sick you won’t be able to concentrate on your studies. Have healthy and nutritious food and try to keep away from junk food. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and a light dinner. Good nutrition is vital for optimal thinking. So its important to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are left with few days for exams.

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