What is the impact of covid 19 on education

Before 2020 no one had thought even in their wildest of dreams that a pandemic like this would come and alter lifestyles . A lot if changes came in our world and affected each and every sector of the society. Everyone of us took time to adapt to the new normal. The new normal included wearing masks, social distancing and many such things which were completely new to us. Of all the sectors affected the most affected one is the education sector. This sector witnessed a major change and the whole teaching- learning process underwent huge change. With this Article, let us see Impact of covid 19 on education.

What is the impact of covid 19 on education

The schools and colleges were shut for almost two years until they reopened for higher classes. But unfortunately cases began to rise once again and they were shut once again. Though many people are pointing out that online learning has come with a lot of benefits but it has affected the classroom teaching process. A lot of disadvantages has occurred.

  1. Access to online classes-

In India there are still many poor families who are unable to afford one square meal a day. For them having access to latest  technological gadgets such as laptops, smart phones is extremely difficult. They have to struggle in order to own this gadgets and continue with their studies. Though many NGOs have taken up the responsibility of providing gadgets free of cost but its still at a very nascent stage.

Side view of African American boy watching educational video with netbook while sitting at table with stationery

  1. Poor internet connectivity-

there are still places that do not have access to electricity twenty four hours of the days. And internet connection is wildest dream for them. Due to poor connectivity students from such places are not able to study online and also fail to give exams. Many a times due to bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and any other natural calamities internet connection  get halted. Thus creating a block on the path of these students.

Photo of Girl Writing on White Paper

  1. Scarcity to food-

when the mid day meal scheme was introduced schools in rural areas saw an increase in the number of students. These students used to come to schools just to get food. With the closure of schools these children were denied access to the food and nutrition. It affected both their health and studies and some even had to survive without food.

From above of old Indian woman serving food on plates while sitting on ground surrounded with kids in poor area


  1. Uneducated parents-

As the concept of online classes were new and many students had problems in grasping the concepts. In such cases parents and other elders at home helped the students. But there are many parents who are not educated and couldn’t help their children with studies.

Mother Helping her Daughter use a Laptop

  1. Problem for teachers-

Teachers who were used to classroom teaching with boards, chalks and books had to adapt to new mode of online teaching. It was extremely difficult on their part to adopt the new techniques and teach. They remained unsatisfied as they were unable to see the faces of the students and get their reactions. But they have tried their best to adopt the newest techniques and aid the students in current positions.

Teacher Asking a Question to the Class

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