Best practices to improve communication skills

Do you want to improve Communication skills?

Do you know the importance of having a good communication skill? Ever wondered you know why it is important? Here I will talk about the importance of a good communication skill and it’s plays a pivotal role in shaping your future.

The ability to talk and exchange words effectively is  one of the most significant life skills that each and every person should possess. Communication is defined as the means of transferring information to produce a better understanding. It mostly happens through exchange of words or verbal exchanges, written articles ( books, websites, magazines) and virtually (maps, presentations). These are the soft skills that are important for career perspectives and hence are important.

How to improve communication skills

The importance of communication skill

Strong communication skills aims in evolving our overall personality. It also enhances all aspects of life such as from professional life to personal life and all other things in between. From a business visionary all the deals are a outcome of good communication skills between the manager and clients. A good exchange of words and views are essential to let yourself and others grasp it accurately and quickly. In a recent survey, Deloitte found that communication skills are most important aspect of a leader. So whenever you are opting for an upliftment in your career, you should try to enhance or improve your communication skills.

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Here are few tips for improving your communication skill-

1.Listening attentively-

For becoming a good communicator you need to become a good listener at first. The practice of active listening is extremely important to have. Always hear closely what other people are trying to say. Try to rephrase and clarify their words and fill in their doubts accurately. This is the first important part to improve your communication skills.


To Improve communication skills, Always be confident while you are saying something to someone. Your interactions should not be filled with nervousness. Rather you should come across as a very confident person who knows what to do and what to speak. Try to maintain a relaxed and clam body state and talk with concision. Also make sure that you do not sound much arrogant or aggressive. You should converse in a calm and soothing tone.

3.Use correct medium-

There are many different forms in which one can communicate with the other. It is very important to choose the right form at the right time. Such as while you have a significant topic to talk about its better to talk in person rather than any email or texts. When you have anything to talk regarding a project or any deal its better to have a talk in person. Group meetings are best option in such cases. This setup allows  every single person to voice their opinions about the dos and don’ts of the project and eventually improves communications skill


Respecting other person’s views and ideologies and acknowledging them is an important aspect of a good communication. By being attentive and not allowing any kind of distraction to them while they are speaking is a way of respecting them. This will make them feel important and appreciated which in turn would lead in a productive conversation.

5.Body language-

Studies show that most of the time communication is non-verbal. Its always about visual signs and indications that the person in the front understands. The person may or may not agree with certain points or facts but its important to maintain a friendly body stance and a relaxed posture. This will make you approachable by others.

6.Take time to reply-

Once you have listened to all the facts and everything, do not reply immediately. Take a few minutes of time to rethink and understand accurately and then only respond back. Get the facts right in your mind and then you can make other understand your point of view with respect to them.

7. Practice open-mindedness behavior-

There may be many such situations where you do not agree to a particular thing. It can be said by anyone your employee, colleague or any other person. At this situation it is important to understand their point of view also rather than to get off with your own. Its important to empathize with their point of views as well. Respect their opinion and never demean them just because their points differ from you.

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