Top 7 in demand IT skills you must learn in 2022

With the advent of technology the modern era has seen a lot of innovations. Along with this the IT sector in our country is growing at faster rate. And hence there is a huge demand for techies who are skilled working with technologies. The pandemic hitting the world, there has been an enormous expansion in the digital platform.  It is very important to identify the in-demand IT skills. Here I will give you an insight into all these skills so that you get a edge in the IT sector.

top in demand it skills


  1. Data science

The most and increasing in demand IT skill in our country. The demand for data science is huge and at peak since last few years. And it is expected to be in demand in the upcoming years also. This skill generates huge number of employment opportunities, high salary packages also for freshers.

  1. Full stack developer

Individuals who can handle front-end and back-end developments along with data analytics are called full stock developers. They are in huge demand by it companies. Attractive packages and huge employment and growing opportunities are a bonus for this skill. For this you need to be efficient in Java full stack, microservices and UI/UX based on Java, Angular and twodot 0.

  1. DevOps

The software tool of dev ops has seen a significant rise in the IT sector in 2020 and 2021. It is estimated to rise in 2022 and also the upcoming years. This is mainly skill based and a lot experienced based. It requires more practice before you include them in your work. It is very important that you know your goals and set them accordingly prior to starting research and development.

  1. Cybersecurity

2020 and 2021 has seen how damaging and harmful cyber attack can be. It is estimated that this will become more serious in the upcoming years. But in number of people in majority of cyber security teams is very less. Almost half of the organizations say that they many vacancies in the cyber security divisions. Hence the demand for cyber security is going on a huge rise in the upcoming years.

  1. Python programming

For all those of you who are looking for making a career in programming, python should be your top choice. This is the most simplest, popular and in-demand option. It overtook Java script  as the most popular programming language in 2021 October and has remained in the top position ever since then. It opens a huge number of opportunities for freshers giving them an edge in the job market. It’s broad applications and set of uses makes it the most in demand skill in 2022. This has become an in-demand IT skills  over the last few years.

  1. Blockchain

So many of you look for making a career in a field that gives you ample opportunity to grow and learn. Block-chain is a career option that has a lot of potential for growth and technology. There is a huge demand for individuals with certificates of block chain developers. And again there is a lack of individuals in this career .

  1. Cloud

With the pandemic hitting the entire world things have taken an overturn. The digital platform has witnessed a surge and almost everything is turning towards digital space. This has made cloud a center of attraction owing to its applications in the smooth functioning in digital space. It is estimated that till 2025 all the organizations and companies will adopt a cloud-first principle. This is currently one of the most in-demand IT skills.

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