India after the covid 19 pandemic

Do you know how will India become after Pandemic.

India after the covid 19 pandemic

I am sure you all will never forget the year 2020. The year that changed everything for us. The year that made us change our perceptions and perspectives toward life, family, work and everything else. We all caught up on things we missed due to hectic life schedules, we learnt how and what to prioritize. In a nutshell the pandemic that hit the entire world in 2020 brought an enormous change and reforms in the way everything was functioning before.

The covid-19 pandemic affected India also. Our economy, work culture, technological innovations, education and the health system got severely affected due to imposition of the lockdown.  Covid-19 outbreak not only killed people but due to the mental and economic collapse, many people also suffered from unemployment and hunger.

In his article I will take you all through the changes that happened in our country due to the pandemic. An overview and brief of India after pandemic.

1.Mental well-being in India after pandemic

People in India witnessed a drastic change in their lifestyle due to Covid-19 outbreak. The disease transmission was initially in metropolitan cities and later the rural areas also got affected by it. People from both urban and rural areas faced a traumatizing situation which had a very negative impact on their lives.

How mental health got affected?

The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty, social isolation, financial complications and complete change in daily schedules. People had a constant worry regarding how long will the pandemic last. what will happen if they get contract covid, whether they will lose their jobs and many others.  On top of that there were misinformation and rumors that made them feel out of control and depressing. They couldn’t figure out what to do and what not to do. They had a constant experience of stress, anxiety, insomnia, fear, sadness and loneliness. All these together led to various mental disorders and such situations. Some even increased the use of alcohol and drugs thinking it would help them feel better, but it only worsen the situation . Fear of losing loved ones, jobs and financial stability exposed them to serious complications of mental illness.

2.Change in work culture

Large scale seminars, conference meetings and office gatherings were a common factor in the corporate sectors. The organizations used to organize seminars, conclaves and summits where leaders would come to literate the employees and give a vast knowledge on specific subjects. But  the outbreak of the virus put a halt on all these. Webinars replaced seminars and zoom meetings replaced in-person meetings.

How the work-culture changed?

Following the pandemic a huge portion of the industry shifted their work to remote locations. The employees were forced to leave their large office spaces and switched to working from their homes. The corporate sector had to undergo a lot of loses as their companies lost the fluency of the business. All the perks that the company used to offer like free snacks, tea lobbies, restrooms along with in person meetings the corporate world lost it all.  Everything  shifted online, starting from meetings to managements decisions,  conferences and deals.

Experts are generally saying that the work culture would never be the same like it was before the pandemic. With the advent of work from home, many companies have allowed their employees specially women to continue working from home according to their suitability. From the perspective of an employee this is in favor of them as it allows a lot of flexibility with their choices and get proper work-life balance. The companies have given up on unnecessary meetings and long hours of working. Many businesses have already adapted to this new model of working and will definitely have a benefit from others in future.

3.Technology upgradation-

As the entire work-culture shifted to work from home, there was a boost in the technology sector also. Many new innovations came upfront and proved to be real time beneficial for everyone. so, let us know how technology will look like in India after the pandemic.

How technology upgradation took place?

A surge in new technologies emerged during the pandemic in our country. The development in the 5G spectrum helped people a lot to connect and communicate with others from any corner of the world. The advent of artificial intelligence and virtual reality headsets helped in conducting meetings smoothly and efficiently all over the world.

The organizations are able to host numerous meetings with the help of zoom and are pushing more and more to include their employee’s needs in the meetings. Also many companies have shifted to hybrid way of work so that employees have an advantage of working both in the office and remotely as per their choices. The main lookout of the company founders was to make sure that transition of employees from office to remote working is smooth and easy.  Many organizations have now adopted alternative work schedules  as the new normal.

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