Top 10 women entrepreneurs in India

top female entrepreneurs

In 2014, for the first time 19th of November was recognized as the day to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, by 144 countries. The number of women entrepreneurs with respect to the male is still a bit skewed. From discrimination on the basis of gender to not taking them seriously, …

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Neet 2022 || Exam preparation

NEET 2022 EXAM PREPARATION. With so many people already giving NEET 2021 exam, you might wonder what is all about. So, in this article I am going to tell you about the prestigious exam “NEET exam of 2022”. We will start by basics, like what is NEET, what are …

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What are NFTs?

What do you need to know about NFTs? In this article, I will tell you everything about NFT. From what are NFTs ( non fungible tokens) to How to create one and sell it. Alright, are you a Graphic Designer a photographer or an Animator, then Keep your eyes …

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Must implement to become a better Content writer

become a content writer

Hello Content Writer, Well I am pretty sure while you go through the articles, blogs and all other contents available on Google you might feel how do the writers write so much of passion and beautifully, how do they express and cover all possible things within few words. Here …

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What is Cryptocurrency? Know its benefits

Hey there, are you a person who likes investing in the digital market or in technology, cryptocurrency is the right choice for you, and if you have doubts about this particular category we hope this article will help you understand cryptocurrency. What is Cryptocurrency? In simple words, cryptocurrency is …

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Create an achievable new year resolution for 2022

A new year resolution for 2022

Hello readers, Trying to make a new year resolution? I am sure you all must be planning an umpteen number of resolutions for the year 2022, isn’t it? You all must have jotted down all that changes you want to make in your lifestyle or habits. But there are …

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