Did you find the purpose of your life?

What is the purpose of my life?

What is the purpose of my life

Hello, are you stuck with these questions about purpose of your life?

  • what is the purpose of my life?
  • who am I
  • what is the meaning of ones life?
  • What should be my aim?
  • how to find your aims and goals?
  • how to find what you were actually made for?
  • what should be your career ?
  • how to find my passion?

Then be with me till the end of this article and You will be getting all the answers of all these questions and I will be taking you through the whole process of knowing yourself and the purpose of your life in the best way possible.

Before we start this, Let me ask you a question.

Who are you? 

NO really, Most people know a lot about the world and science but when they ask themselves ” who am I” or “what is the purpose of my life”

They get lost in the pile of the career that they have chose. May be they were going to choose just because that purpose and the objective was imposed by the society, family or friend. They either don’t know the exact reason to choose that career path or they must have chosen the same just because of their materialistic needs and not the spiritual needs.

The right answer to this question is that ” You are your ancestors” and I mean it. When you turn back to your mom and dad you will see that you came from them only. You have nothing that you own, the cell that started this whole you was created by your parents and they were created by their parents, So if you now ask yourself ” who am I”.

The answer is, you are just one of a kind who has born to add more of a kind in our species, but that doesn’t solve the whole problem. I know you still can’t figure out the purpose of your life.

From this point of view all we see is that our purpose is to reproduce and increase the population.

But we already are a large community and also growing at a pace.

So what exactly is the purpose of my my life?

The purpose of  Life is to do something for the Humanity and make everyone’s life easier. By humanity I didn’t mean only humans. It’s an act of kindness and we need to make everyone’s life easier by solving problems. That’s what everyone does when they choose a career and get a job. The job may be a Barber a Programmer or even a Blogger. We all tend to make other’s life easier. But here is another question.

Are you happy doing, what you do?

If you have landed on this page, I am sure that you are not 100% happy, and all they say about how to be happy is” being in the present will make you happy”

But they will never tell you the secret of being in the present, It’s living with your passion. If you start living with the work that you actually love to do or will have done if it was your last day of life then there is no way you turn around the past or look at the future, you will only see the end goal that makes you happy.

So with this context

The Purpose of your life is to find your passion and the thing you love to do, and help the world and serve the humanity at your best.

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