What are NFTs?

What do you need to know about NFTs?

In this article, I will tell you everything about NFT. From what are NFTs ( non fungible tokens) to How to create one and sell it.

Alright, are you a Graphic Designer a photographer or an Animator, then Keep your eyes on the screen. . Where you haven’t heard of NFTs or NFT art. The NFT discussions have shattered the internet in the previous 4-5 months.

Don’t worry we are here to help you to know about NFTs through this article.

What are NFTs?

The trending concept has left millions asking, what it is and how it may work for them, from sites like Twitter and Facebook etc. As a Graphic designer or an artist, you may ask “what is in it for me”?

Firstly, let’s take a look at it briefly through this article.  An NFT is a digital asset that lives entirely in the digital world and NFT can be any digital asset, including artwork, articles, music, and even memes. 

Maybe it is tied to anything, including photographs, videos, and tweets. That means an NFT is certified with a safe record of ownership via a unique string of encrypted code. The digital product, which is usually a 3D picture or animation may then be saved in an owner’s digital wallet and sold at auctions for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

There is no equivalent value for a Non Fungible Token. It also indicates that, like any other investment, its value may rise or fall in the future depending on market conditions.


How will this digital way of selling art affect artists and the creative profession?

NFTs and Creators

The emergence of NFTs has begun, which means creators have the power to rent, sell, and display digital artworks as they see fit.

Designers must get a form of legal ownership of their work to market it. So, when NFT art is generated, it gets decoded on Blockchain, a cryptocurrency platform. The Blockchain is a digital transaction system that saves information in such a way that it is extremely difficult to hack or scam, making it ideal for monitoring copyright ownership and keeping track of creative records.

Any digital artwork you produce and the coin will factor that led entirely to you. This process allows digital artists to gain formal recognition for their work.


How can you create These tokens?

Now let’s go through the step by step guide to create and sell NFT.

  • Step 1: Build a bitcoin wallet and purchase cryptocurrency. To pay a platform to generate an NFT, you must first understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Crypto wallets are the interfaces that enable you to recover, transfer as well as and receive cryptocurrencies. They don’t precisely keep the money they contain encryption keys connected with digital assets but they are the interfaces that allow you to retrieve, send, and receive cryptocurrency.
  • Step 2: Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to a selling site. After you’ve acquired some cryptocurrency and a wallet, now you’ll need to link it to the online auction you intend to use.
  • Step 3: Build an NFT and sell them. You’re ready to generate an NFT once your wallet is connected and it will generally cost you a gas fee in cryptocurrency. The procedure is simple you just save your design as a file and upload it.


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