5 effective ways to win an argument || no matters what

A lot of us invest our time and energy in persuading others to believe our point of views. Some of us are no doubt always trying to convince others in every way possible to make them believe and ultimately follow our set of ideologies. But how are we supposed to change someone else’s mind? How can we win over an argument? What should we do convince or persuade them?

how to win arguments

Fill in their knowledge gap –

while you are trying to deflate any false information or fake news from somebody’s mind, just make sure you fill in that gap in their minds with a story that has relevant facts and a coherent narrative. It should be a answer to all the possible questions that they have formed due to the falsehoods in their minds.This works only if the other person is actually willing to learn and will help you win the argument over anyone.


Replace Why with How-

This arises mainly in case of disagreements regarding political issues. Such issues are normally based on false premises and are delivered with a great confidence. In such situations the most simple way of debunking the argument is by asking for more detailing. This will give them an insight of their own preconceived false notions and eventually lead them to understand on their own. There is a least possibility that the person will actually try to understand you. Try to derive the conflict with their own words and win any argument with this easy approach.


Reform the argument-

You certainly cannot alter someone’s whole political beliefs and ideologies in one single argument or discussion. So the strategy that should be applied is that free them from the deep-rooted beliefs that they are entangled with. This would lead them to make a place for other views and ideas within their mind-sets and hence you can succeed in convincing them calmly without getting into severe arguments. Also, you should never get into any severe argument. It can harm the relationship with the person you are having the argument. Try to use this method either with your friends or loved ones to win the arguments smoothly.


Put the facts before them with compassion-

Aggressive nature or arguments is never a solution to win over any argument. If you want to persuade someone regarding any matter or pull out any falsehoods from their mind you have to be extremely compassionate and kind to them. Aggressiveness can often make them more closed minded. So while putting forth any facts to them always be calm and compassionate and talk to them.They will most probably want to hear your facts and think on them and willing to up their knowledge if you treat them with empathy and respect.

Avoid any kind of logical fallacy

Use of invalid or faulty reasoning is is generally known as fallacy. Some arguments have errors in reasoning. You can hear these kinds of heated debated mostly in televised debates. It is mostly better to be away from such debates as it only leads to more differences of opinions. Few people have so rigid nature that they find it extremely difficult to accept the facts which are actually correct. So I would suggest to maintain a distance from these kind of arguments and try not to indulge in fights again with such people. You can not win from an agenda using facts, so winning the argument is not necessary in such cases.



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